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Jun 28, 2019

FANS: Space Ghost himself, George Lowe, regales us with tales of interviewing Adam West & Donny Osmond for Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast, working in the wild days of FM radio, and having Jackie Collins as a matchmaker.

FILMS: In our review of Dan Aykroyd's lone directorial effort, Nothing but Trouble (1991), we ride the condiment train down Old Coke Road with Unky George Lowe and his pals in Digital Underground--Tupac Shakur included. Listen and see why George made this his personal pick for our cult film of the week.

FINDS: Peter Griffin (Family Guy) leads us into our finds, which include Peele's Twilight Zone in black & white, a couple of deaths, and Dark Crystal & Ghostbusters casting news. Recorded all in the same room--freakin' sweet.