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Jul 8, 2019

FANS: Second City alum and Frederick Julius mastermind Matt Geiler (aka The Dancing Pumpkin Man) and Ghostbusters enthusiast Brian Phillips join the CF3 podcast crew for this special podcast panel recorded LIVE from OCon 2019 on Saturday, June 29!

FILMS: The man behind Winston Zeddemore--Mr. Ernie Hudson--gives a special introduction for CF3 and our OCon panel attendees then tells a funny story about the ECTO-1. The gang proceeds to discuss their first exposure to the film, the iconic theme song, refrigerator horrors, and favorite lines. We recruit the audience to help us pinpoint where the ECTO-1 ranks in movie car history, and we achieve a true CF3 milestone when we force an unsuspecting Matt Geiler to sing an entry from Tobin's Spirit Guide. What a ride!

FINDS: As this was a special live podcast, there are no finds this week, but we wish to thank Gregg Markus for providing us equipment to record throughout OCon 2019 and for creating the fun outro track to this week's episode. Huzzah!