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Jul 15, 2019

FANS: Long live Flash! We bring you the complete Sam J. Jones panel from OCon 2019, moderated by CF3. Hear who Sam would cast as Flash in the reboot, why he couldn't stand to watch the film for 30 years, how Seth McFarlane & Ted brought it back into his life, and hear his response to the smack talk of Comic Book Men's Ming (Chen)!

FILMS: Ah-ahh! One of three members of the CF3 crew was sober for this review of Flash Gordon (1980), so grab your favorite beverage and listen to us talk about voice dubbing, Hawkmen rocket cycles, brain worms, Arboria, the women, wearing your own branded tee shirt, Bond villains, the cheesy FX and much, much more! PLUS: Sam J. Jones offers up his score for our Cultfilmometer!

FINDS: We recap OCon adventures and shoutout several listeners and friends of the podcast. Plus: Tommy Wiseau's new sci-fi cartoon, Gremlins animated prequel, Arrow Video news & speculation on The Walking Dead's conclusion.