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Aug 12, 2019

FANS & FILMS: We've combined our first two segments for this 25th episode spectacular covering every angle of Stanley Kubrick's masterful The Shining (1980). We've also procured exclusive commentary and celebrity reviews of The Shining from Corin Nemec (Stephen King's The Stand), Andy Dick (NewsRadio), Robert Wuhl (Arli$$), Sean Whalen (Twister), Ming Chen (AMC's Comic Book Men), Mark Bernardin (Castle Rock, Fatman Beyond), Paul Walter Hauser (BlackKklansman), Johnny Pemberton (Superstore, Ant-Man), Michael Ray Bower (Salute Your Shorts), Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall), and Rob Franzese aka Real Life Peter Griffin. Then our listeners weigh in with scores of their own. How does this mind-bending film rate on the Cultfilmometer once a whopping 21 scores are factored in? Don't be a dull boy--just listen!

FINDS: King's The Stand reboot update, a Kickstarter for a King-themed cocktail book, Event Horizon & Resident Evil streaming TV reboots.