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Oct 11, 2019

FANS: Vincente DiSanti discusses the state of Friday the 13th as a franchise and his Indiegogo campaign for fan film Never Hike in the Snow, the prequel to Never Hike Alone (2017). We hear details about the production and learn more about his directing career and what he loves about the series. SPOILER ALERT: In the week since we conducted this interview, the campaign has smashed its funding goal, but we encourage you to still contribute or purchase add-ons so you can own a part of this remarkable saga! This is a non-profit, so all proceeds will be used to make the planned sequels in the series.

FILMS: Kevin Smith joins us in slaying our review of Friday the 13th (1980). We talk Pamela Voorhees, how creepy shirtless Steve is, give our thoughts on the final girl, and bring you more (Kevin) Bacon Bits with Dames Marvs! Vincente DiSanti tells us why this isn't his favorite entry in the series before rating the film for our patented Cultfilmometer. And... surprise! Ari Lehman pops up, albeit not from the water, to tell us a story from filming his scene as the first ever incarnation of Jason Voorhees.

FINDS: Rebecca Markus discusses her new book The Needlemaker's Baby with us. Dames reveals that Hallmark has 20 new Xmas movies, which prompts us to rattle off the 4 plots that they all recycle. Dames and Rebecca talk about why they are still watching The Walking Dead for some reason.