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Nov 11, 2019

FANS: We are joined by Eddie Deezen, who has had a decades long acting career portraying nerds beginning with Eugene in Grease (1978) and moving along to films directed by Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis & John Badham. Plus--Laserblast (1978)! Eddie talks about hanging out with Tom Hanks at Dodgers games, meeting members of The Beatles, and more!

FILMS: War Games (1983) invades CF3, and we talk with Eddie about playing the first computer geek in movie history. The film's dated technology makes some of us nostalgic while others find it nauseating, but we all agree that Ally Sheedy is great. Will the film's impact be enough to overcome its pacing and achieve the high score on the Cultfilmometer?

FINDS: Another week brings more Netflix madness, Doctor Sleep arrives, casting news for The Batman and more!