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Dec 23, 2019

FANS: Merry Christmas! The CF3 co-hosts are starting to get our drink on while discussing our favorite guests and episodes from Year One in the podcast biz. We smash the alarm clock and tell you what to expect for our epic 50th episode in January and more.

FILMS: Yipee-ki-yay! We're getting pretty drunk now, and it shows! Join us for our in-depth review of Die Hard (1988). Is it a Christmas movie? Was the Karl vs. Carl moment necessary? Why would McClane rather be in Philadelphia? While everyone is donning now their gay apparel, John wears a wifebeater. But in the history of wifebeaters on film, where does this rank? Why didn't this movie have a script? Who's YOUR white knight? Download this bad boy NOW!

FINDS: Kev Smith is here! 3/4 of us don't care about Top Gun: Maverick. Netflix greenlights a second new He-Man animated series, RIP to Danny Aiello and Caroll Spinney, the critics take issue with Rise of Skywalker, and more.