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Dec 30, 2019

FANS: Actor Bill Allen (RAD, Streamers, Breaking Bad) joins us to discuss working with Robert Altman, the valuable advice he received from Rod Steiger, playing Farm Aid in 1993 with Lou Diamond Phillips, and how his friendship with Brandon Lee will be remembered as part of an upcoming documentary on the late great actor.

FILMS: Bill joins us for the entirety of our review of RAD (1986), in which he played protagonist and BMX wunderkind Cru Jones. Did he do his own stunts? What does he think of Lori Laughlin making headlines these days? Product placements, favorite lines, the Helltrack revival, and references in pop culture are all part of the obstacle course in this week's Films segment!

FINDS: Our thoughts on Star Wars IX and The Mandalorian are divulged, Witcher arrives on Netflix, and the passing of some pop culture figures are met with interesting reactions.