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Jan 6, 2020

FANS: Rick Sloane--writer, producer and director of 80s and 90s cult classics--joins CF3 this week to discuss the films that influenced him, casting Mary Woronov in Blood Theater, meeting Roger Corman, and so much more.

FILMS: The double feature returns! With Rick Sloane still in the house, we uncover the truth about Hobgoblins (1988). How did it wind up on MST3K? What's the deal with that rake scene? Did Rick almost die while making it? And what would each of us fantasize about if we were blindsided by a pack of vicious hobgoblins? Then comes our arresting review of Vice Academy. Charlie Sheen set visits, Linnea Quigley's agent, the sordid history of USA Up All Night, and the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray release are all covered. It's better than a knee to the nuts!

FINDS: You're on your own this week. Next time, you won't be so lucky!