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Jan 13, 2020

FANS: The world's greatest actor-dentist George Hardy joins CF3 to discuss the experience of working on Troll 2 and its rediscovery as a cult classic years later. We cover the documentary Best Worst Movie, his recent work in Texas Cotton (now on Amazon Prime) and get him to open up about his friendship with Greg Sestero, star of The Room, author of The Disaster Artist, and his co-star in their upcoming horror film Cyst (2020).

FILMS: We venture down to Nilbog for the so bad it's great "horror" comedy Troll 2 (1990)! We ask George, who played Michael Waits in the film, about the shoot and prompt him to "DO THE LINE!" Favorite scenes, characters, the bizarre music, corn on the cob, and our patented Cult Filmometer scores are all part of this delectable review. Go green!

FINDS: Golden Globes wrap-up, Mallrats 2 is back, more thoughts on The Witcher, HBO is retrying with Westeros, and an Escape from L.A. Collector's Edition Blu-ray.