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Jan 24, 2020

FANS: "Would you like to play a game?" We're up for it! In our first ever edition of Name That Cult Classic, the guys take turns reading the synopses for 80s and 90s movies while the rest of the gang attempt to identify the movie being described. Who's good at the game? Who's bad at it? And who is just plain ugly?? Play along and see if you can defeat the CF3 brain trust!

FILMS: We take on a cyber-ripoff from budget director Albert Pyun. It's Nemesis (1992) and boy, does it have a lot of gunplay, a hard-to-follow plot, and all the ADR you can shake a stick at! We bring you exclusively procured memories from Alex Rain himself--Olivier Gruner--and the great Thom Mathews. How do both of them rate this film 28 years later? And does the CF3 crew agree? And if all that doesn't lure you in, perhaps Thomas Jane's buttcheeks will!

FINDS: A new Oscar front-runner (or two), James Bond meets Freddie Mercury, Eminem's new record, and Ozzy's health issues.