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Feb 10, 2020

FANS: Actress and L.A. clown scene staple Helene Udy is our bloody valentine this week, as we talk about her roles in early Canadian genre films, meeting and working with Jim Carrey on the set of his first film Rubberface, her stint as Myra on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, the weird and wild world of clowns and cabarets, upcoming indie horror projects, and much more!

FILMS: Helene Udy was Sylvia in our film our of the week: My Bloody Valentine (1981), and boy does she love this movie! We reminisce without her about her penchant for screaming, Moosehead Lager, the practical locations of Nova Scotia, the Gordon Lightfoot-esque 'Ballad of Harry Warden,' the surprisingly unpredictable answer to the whodunit mystery, the lack of a sequel, and the sheer Canadian branding that exudes from this wonderful early slasher.

FINDS: RIP Kirk Douglas and talk of The Final Countdown (1980), Goliath Season 4 news, Brandon Cronenberg's new body horror film with Sean Bean, Chris Rock & Samuel L. Jackson in Spiral (2020), the new entry in the Saw series + JLo's butt.