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Feb 17, 2020

FANS: Fantasy writers Ken Mader & Julie Kimbrell Ishaya join us to discuss their new novel Afterlife: The Arcadia Chronicles - Book One, the first in a 4-part saga adapted from Mader's 2005 short film Passing Darkness. We discuss the story, their take on collaborative writing, turning a short film into a written epic, the influence of H.P. Lovecraft and Frank Herbert on their work, and how you can get your copy of Afterlife now!

FILMS: Things get "spicy" when Frank Herbert fan Will Nexxii and Modern Horrors writer/David Lynch loyalist Jon Cohorn join us for a lively discussion of the 1984 David Lynch film adaptation of Herbert's seminal Dune. We highlight the array of wonderful performances, the scope and its production design while also discussing its shortcomings in the script and editing departments. Will fills us in on the details the theatrical cut missed, and Brad Dourif dazzles us with those eyebrows. We anticipate the 2020 Denis Villeneuve take on the novel and send 7 scores up to the patented Cult Filmometer!

FINDS: Parasite wins Oscar gold and we love it, Rick Moranis will make his return to acting in a major way, Locke & Key is back, and Harrison Ford will return to play Indy a 5th time.