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Feb 24, 2020

FANS: Lar Park Lincoln (Friday the 13th Part VII, House II) discusses her break into acting and transition into becoming "America's Audition Coach," with success stories including McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife). She delights in being told of our childhood crushes on her, takes us through the process of creating an audition tape, and fills us in on her role in the upcoming Friday the 13th-inspired film 13: Fanboy.

FILMS: With the assistance of Lar (the telekinetic wunderkind Tina Shepherd herself), we crash the party at Camp Crystal Lake and break down Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988). We debut a new feature called "Total Recast," share our favorite lines, and ask why the hell Tina's father was never given a proper burial. This is a lively discussion you should not miss!

FINDS: Taika Waititi adapts Auteur for Showtime, Billie Eilish gets weird, Harrison Ford heeds The Call of the Wild, Sonic smashes the box office, and more people died. Oh noes!