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Mar 2, 2020

FANS: Jackey Neyman Jones is an artist, actor and author who will forever be tied to one of the worst films of all-time... Manos: the Hands of Fate (1966). Jackey played young Debbie and her father, the late Tom Neyman, played The Master. She delivers production details, recounts the film's premiere, and shares how she rediscovered it via MST3K. She also discusses the props and costumes she recreates for sale, her acclaimed Manos autobiography, and upcoming film projects, including the long-awaited Manos sequel!

FILMS: While The Master is away, we set about dissecting the atrocity known as Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966). We are perplexed by the editing, nauseated by the music, share our favorite lines, ask Jackey to rate the movie with us for the Cult Filmometer, and recast all the roles in our now famous Total Recast! segment. Also: lots of Torgo talk!

FINDS: Indiana Jones 5 names its director, The Rock as Black Adam, Chris Evans and The Little Shop of Horrors remake, cult Blu-ray news, and much more!