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Mar 16, 2020

FANS: Actor-turned-filmmaker Tim Bartell (Society, Dirty Beautiful) guides us through his journey in film, as we discuss his Wisconsin origins (and Wisconsin cult film history), his break into acting in films like Meatballs 2, and his transition to writer/director, now working on a feature with Kirstie Alley attached to star.

FILMS: It's shunting season! With the help of stars Tim Bartell (Blanchard) and Devin DeVasquez (Clarissa), we guide you through the grotesque and fascinating Society (1989). We discuss with them the casting process, the parallels to Best Picture winner Parasite (2019), and the film's relevance today. We also get firsthand testimony on the infamous shunting orgy, play Total Recast, and rate this movie for the Cult Filmometer!

FINDS: Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, dominates the news cycle, as we discuss canceled events like SXSW and various sports, delayed film productions, and mourn the loss of each of our planned European vacations. We close it down with an update on Corey Feldman's documentary and a few words on the late Max von Sydow.