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Mar 23, 2020

FANS: Michael Ray Bower makes his long-awaited return to CF3, and we catch up with him about life in quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic. We talk about his cooking videos on YouTube, his new bachelor pad that he dubs "The Bower Box," and hear about his anticipated acting comeback!

FILMS: Dude, where's my film of the week? It's right here and it's stoner comedy Dude, Where's My Car? (2000). Michael tells us about wearing the expensive AF bubble wrap suits, reading for one of the lead roles and being loathed by Kristy Swanson. Andy Dick pops in to reminisce about being the freak in the cage. Hear Michael recast HIMSELF in our Total Recast segment. And then? And then? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out.

FINDS: Coronavirus colors everything we discuss here, including things to binge while you're stuck at home! Plus: Charles Band will be delivering the film Corona Zombies to the viewing public very soon.