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Mar 26, 2020

FANS & FILMS: In addition to your 3 hosts, we've assembled a dream team of 8 more participants to get sloppy drunk and stuff their faces with Taco Bell while reviewing the suddenly prescient Sly Stallone actioner Demolition Man (1993). Our team includes Shitty Kevin Smith (MST3K Motivation), Jon Cohorn (Modern Horrors), Robert Yaniz, Jr. (Crooked Table Podcast), Steve Fodor (Too Much Scrolling), Kyle Hickman (Munsons at the Movies), Matt Miller (Team Mayhem), Emily Marvin (daughter of Dames Marvs) and Will Nexii (your mom's house). We cover everything from the Pizza Hut controversy to that hand towel Huxley gives Spartan before...well, you know. Listen and be well!

FINDS: Nothing to see here, as this is an extra episode for the week. Now go find yourself a manual for how to use the three seashells.