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Mar 30, 2020

FANS: Writer/producer Frank Farel (Spookies, Street Trash) discusses his early film influences and his trip to Pittsburgh to earn a walk-on cameo in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. We then discuss the conception and writing/filming processes for Twisted Souls, the film that was eventually taken from him and his partners and mangled into what we now know today as Spookies. We discuss its ultimate legacy and Frank's plan for a sequel.

FILMS: With Jon Cohorn of Modern Horrors alongside us, we review the monster-filled mess that is Spookies (1986). We name our favorite creatures, favorite lines and recast the film with some actors we'd love to have seen in the film. Frank Farel contributes a controversial score to the Cult Filmometer, leaving the remaining four to decide how to best approach our own ratings.

FINDS: Fargo finds an interesting new lead for its next season, Blumhouse will tackle a new Universal monster on the heels of its successful The Invisible Man treatment, and we talk about some new Blu-rays that we look forward to in April while stuck at home!