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Apr 2, 2020

FANS & FILMS: Dames removes his shirt and things just get out of hand from there when your 3 hosts are under the influence and joined by eight gentlemen to discuss the masterpiece (of shit) that is Commando (1985). Arnie, bad accents, one-liners, explosions, Rae Dawn Chong, Freddie Mercury, Joel Silver's alleged coke habit, Dames' affection for children, James Horner getting "horny" on the soundtrack, 80s malls, rocket launchers and TOTAL RECAST are all part of this ridiculous episode. Guests are first timers Warren Hicks & Mark Rigby of Munsons At the Movies along with podcast regulars Kevin Smith, Jon Cohorn, Matt Miller, Robert Yaniz, Jr., Will Nexii and Steve Fodor, who elected not to watch the movie!

FINDS: Skeeter Slater listened to every episode of CF3 and wrote us an email about it. We read and react to that email to close out this wild ride!