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Apr 6, 2020

FANS: Film blogger and podcaster Kyle Hickman joins us to demonstrate the model employed by his new podcast, Munsons At the Movies, which assesses the career of randomly-chosen actor each episode by grading them on a number of interesting criteria. For this demo, we are discussing the career of none other than Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th series, Hatchet)!

FILMS: We don't do anything halfway on CF3, which is why we go all in on Over the Top (1987) and discuss the plot holes, trucker hats, Valvoline guzzling, stilted performances and the incredible music of Kenny Loggins. I've always wanted to be a milkshake!

FINDS: Things to stream while in quarantine, COVID-19 claims lives of notable actors and musicians, and RAD comes to Blu-ray and 4K because we made it happen! Right?