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Apr 13, 2020

FANS: Musician and YouTube gamer Dan Bobek (The Game Beaters, Bobobot) talks about a new musical concept album based on the singularity. He also tells us about his time studying in France under legendary Nirvana record producer Steve Albini before the conversation shifts to his YouTube channel The Game Beaters and talk of classic NES games!

FILMS: We head to New Angeles (got that, Dames?) for a review of Double Dragon (1994), mainly to see if it's any better than Super Mario Bros (1993). Can the script and special FX escape the crossfire? Then find out NES which games we all would have liked to have seen adapted into a film back in the heyday of the platform.

FINDS: We really try to power through with news in a world that has suddenly hit the pause button on most everything. New reboots that include The Others and Doogie Howser, M.D. plus several notable deaths to cover (from both COVID-19 and other causes).