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Apr 27, 2020

FANS: Anthony De Longis (Road House, MOTU, The Sword & the Sorcerer) is an actor, weapons expert, fight choreographer, voiceover artist and so much more with a decades long career in the business, having trained Harrison Ford to use Indy's bullwhip, dueled with Lundrgren's He-Man in Masters of the Universe, and gone toe-to-bladed toe with Patrick Swayze's Dalton in Road House. He talks a lot about weaponry, fight choreography and his time on set as Blade and Skeletor's double in the 1987 Cannon Films He-Man movie. NOTE: This is Week 1 of a back-to-back De Longis doubleheader!

FILMS: Kevin Smith (nope, not that Kevin Smith) joins us for a review of Masters of the Universe (1987) that finds us all obviously upset to this to day by the direction the filmmakers took when adapting our childhood favorite. It all makes for a great time with our TOTAL RECAST segment! How does Anthony De Longis--Blade himself--think the film holds up all these years later? And what do we all think of Meg Foster? BONUS: Hear Anthony tell us about reading for parts in the new Netflix MOTU shows!

FINDS: Our tribute to the life of Brian Dennehy has some of us wondering if he died in 1995 or just now in 2020. Jeff offers a glimmer of hope with actual news of upcoming projects in development (hint: The Mandalorian Season 2).