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May 7, 2020

FANS: Anthony "Right Boot" De Longis talks about his experiences portraying thug Ketcham in Road House, including his terrible audition, working with the late Patrick Swayze, and driving that sweet monster truck. Find out how you can hang out with Anthony at his ranch!

FILMS: Be nice. We "roundhouse" kick Road House (1989) directly into our Cult Filmometer with two special guest reviewers, Ryan Osbahr (Pony Creek) and Dan Olsen (Sack of Lions)--two musicians who have certainly played their share of road house gigs. The things people will do to get a JC Penney in their town will blow your mind. Watch out for polar bears and bring your college transcripts for this one!

FINDS: The Goonies cast and crew reunite on Zoom, Parks & Recreation returns for one night only, The Walking Dead, RIP Irrfan Khan, and Universal Studios takes on the chin from AMC and Regal in a move that might ultimately backfire on the theater industry.